Yorkshire, England vs. Galway, Ireland

So, time to blog after settling down from two weeks of travel... On the kind invitation of CH and DP, I made my way from Swansea to Richmond, Yorkshire on 3 August. At first, the journey did not go well. Until that day, my experience of railway travel in Britain had been fair. But on … Continue reading Yorkshire, England vs. Galway, Ireland


Summer’s Rolling Along…

It is now August 2017. In a few weeks, I will be celebrating the first anniversary of when I arrived in Swansea. Gee whizzzzz...  Time has really flown. I know, I know, I have not blogged since June. Has the novel progressed? Very hard to say, as again I modified my game plan in mid-June … Continue reading Summer’s Rolling Along…

The Return

Greetings, one and all! I am back in Swansea after having been in Singapore between 12 Apr and 2 May. Those three weeks were bitter-sweet. Yes, it was good to see family and catch up with friends, plus eat favourite foods and savour those tastes that cannot be found in Swansea, after over five months … Continue reading The Return


I know: it's been over a month since I last blogged from Swansea. Why the silence? Partly busy, trying to write/read/research. Partly inertia - just the ordinary of business of life (e.g. cleaning, shopping for groceries, preparing food, distractions from Facebook) takes up a lot of time. Partly there was nothing very new to write … Continue reading Springing