My Composting Experience Thus Far

My gingers & spring onions growing out of soil and my first two batches of compost (as of 10 Nov 2019) For those who have been asking/are curious, this text summarises my experiences with composting here in Singapore from end Jul 2019 to date. Please note that the form of composting that I’m doing is … Continue reading My Composting Experience Thus Far

Yorkshire, England vs. Galway, Ireland

So, time to blog after settling down from two weeks of travel... On the kind invitation of CH and DP, I made my way from Swansea to Richmond, Yorkshire on 3 August. At first, the journey did not go well. Until that day, my experience of railway travel in Britain had been fair. But on … Continue reading Yorkshire, England vs. Galway, Ireland

The Return

Greetings, one and all! I am back in Swansea after having been in Singapore between 12 Apr and 2 May. Those three weeks were bitter-sweet. Yes, it was good to see family and catch up with friends, plus eat favourite foods and savour those tastes that cannot be found in Swansea, after over five months … Continue reading The Return


I know: it's been over a month since I last blogged from Swansea. Why the silence? Partly busy, trying to write/read/research. Partly inertia - just the ordinary of business of life (e.g. cleaning, shopping for groceries, preparing food, distractions from Facebook) takes up a lot of time. Partly there was nothing very new to write … Continue reading Springing