On Sight

It is amazing how mankind has evolved in such a way that we are very dependent on sight as one of our five senses. For those of us who were born sighted, we use this faculty a great deal to filter our perception of the universe. And yet we are often reminded that all that … Continue reading On Sight


Quest for Solitude

I read two things lately that have struck me as significant. The first is an online essay about the qualities of an introvert: apparently, introverts are quiet because their brains are hardwired to absorb a lot of information all at once and do not need the same degree of external stimulation as an extrovert, lest … Continue reading Quest for Solitude

10,000 Hours

Remember the quote that is associated with Thomas Edison, that success is only 1% inspiration and and 99% perspiration? Apparently he spoke from experience, trying umpteen times before he finally developed a working light bulb, apart from working on other inventions. History is replete with stories of try and try until you finally succeed. However, … Continue reading 10,000 Hours