Luminous Last / First Freshness

Today is my last day in Singapore before I embark on a great adventure — pursuing my PhD. in Creative Writing at Swansea University. The last few years have been a blast — writing, editing, and storytelling at levels and volumes hitherto unprecedented for me. The decision to start this course of study was not easy, given the monetary and time cost involved, my age, my family and financial commitments. Finally, my deliberations boiled down simply to this point: it is now necessary for me to take a step back and recharge my knowledge, creativity, and energy. Only then can I realise my full potential as a writer as well as someone who facilitates others in their writing.


Three years — that is what I have budgeted for to complete this degree during which I will write my first novel. Although I will be back in Singapore now and again, I have never spent so long away from the little red dot. So it has been a bitter-sweet last few months, weeks and days as I have said goodbye to people, places, and favourite activities: e.g. best friends, various close associates in the arts, making ceramic pots as thank you presents, Silver Surfer (my car), teaching voice at NIE, eating dumplings of all sorts, the last gym and yoga sessions… The weather in Singapore has been generally good this year (except for those 2 or 3 nasty hazy days in August) and the sky over the last few days, alternating between sunshine and rain,  has had a peculiarly gentle light that has contributed to the luminosity of my final hours here in the land of my birth before my departure.

Nevertheless, this moment is not one of sadness. It is a merely a crossroad as I march on to new horizons and experiences. One of the ‘fresh starts’ that I am doing is the revival of this blog that I created a few years ago. I will be using Scribbles Under a Full Moon to document my journey over the next few years (similar to the emails I used to write for selected audiences during my sojourns in Scandinavia during 2000/2001 and in the UK during 2003/2004 when I was studying for my Masters in Voice). So if you wish to be updated on a regular basis about what I’m doing and thinking while in Swansea, please do click on the follow button and you will be instantly updated (or at least I hope so) whenever I put up new posts. Thanks in advance.

And now, tally ho!


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