Quest for Solitude

I read two things lately that have struck me as significant.

The first is an online essay about the qualities of an introvert: apparently, introverts are quiet because their brains are hardwired to absorb a lot of information all at once and do not need the same degree of external stimulation as an extrovert, lest they become overwhelmed with all the sensory data they are picking up.

The other is the recent news that Volkswagen has begun a trial 2012 programme in which the company servers will stop delivering emails to selected employees ‘ Blackberries after office hours, allowing these executives to have better control of their work-life balance instead of being on call 24/7.

How do these two articles relate to me? I find comfort that there is a possible physical explanation for my introverted personality. I am what I am because I cannot go beyond the limits of what nature has given me. So why be pressured to be a social butterfly if I can’t be one in the first place? And part of the reason why I am a writer is because of this introverted side of me that allows me to reflect and articulate those thoughts into words on paper or on the screen.

The Volkswagen announcement illustrates another concern of mine. There are so many things (necessary and unnecessary) that one has to attend to in this modern day and age: Work is all-consuming, Family and Household Chores are always demanding, Friends need catching up with, Facebook and other online pursuits are calling…  Whether you are an introverted personality or not, it is hard to find and spend quality Me-time to groom yourself, to sit and reflect and, if you are a writer, to write… It takes a mighty conscious effort to organise your schedule and switch off the outside world and focus inward.

During this past December, I spent two happy weeks not thinking of anything else except my writing and I completed two short stories. We will see in the next few months as the demands of 2012 grows whether I can continue this serendipitous streak of creativity… Think OHMM… Feel OHMM… Be OHMM…


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