Towards 2012 and beyond

It has been a long time since I have written on this blog. The demands of life has continually interfered with my good intentions to write publicly in this fashion. Nevertheless, as the new year approaches, let’s keep a new year’s resolution to maintain this blog properly with new entries weekly.

Other new year resolutions for 2012 (not necessary in priority order):

– I complete my first book of short stories, entitled Dark Things.

– I reach and maintain my ideal weight.

– I read widely and research deeply for my novels to come.

– I demote Cityville within the priorities of my life.

– I sleep by 11 pm and wake by 6 am.

– I write at least 2 hours a day.

– I control my snacking.

– I take proper care of my sinuses.

– I exercise every day in some form or another.

– I am nicer to everyone in my life.

– I manage my time better.

Hmm… Isn’t that a chunky list already? And I haven’t even reached the juicy bits as yet… How I am going to reach/keep/maintain these goals, and the many others not listed: I guess time will tell.

New year resolutions are a very interesting study of a person’s concerns, interests and aspirations in life–a key insight into his/her thinking. What speaks louder: the things that are on the list, or the things that aren’t? If you are reading this and don’t know me, I wonder what kind of impression I would leave on you and how you would be imagining what sort of person I am… Hmm…


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