A Manifesto

The creation of this blog has been brewing in my head for the last 2 months. One of the key questions I have been dealing with is as follows: why create a blog and join the ocean of gigabytes flowing out there in cyberspace that constitute the thoughts and feelings of millions of other people and that may be read or remain unread?

And the answer is simply this: The call to write is growing within me. To write stories, plays, novels… Yes, there are many projects lining up in a messy queue, waiting to be materialised from my mind and spirit. So many thoughts, impressions and proto story ideas, are generating and floating in my head that I must put down somewhere. Since I am not a talker, I best express these reflections through the written word. Yes, I can write them down on hard copy notebooks in the style of ‘morning pages’ (I try hard, Julia Cameron, to fulful my morning duties as many days as I can — alas, I’m not always as successful as I would like to be). Yet I feel I need another form of discipline to structure some of these thoughts into something more significant than just first notions and mental/emotional dribble on a page, and to find some kind of audience for these observations of life in general and see how they respond to my words.

Hence, this virtual pensieve. For those who are new to my writing, Scribbles Under a Full Moon is not my first attempt to communicate my thoughts through cyberspace. Its fellow half-siblings were email journals about my exploits that I sent to friends and family during my sabaticals away from Singapore (i.e. Nov 2000-Jan 2001 in Norway and Denmark; Sep 2003-Jun 2004 in London; Aug-Nov 2007 in the US). Having more or less stayed put in Singapore for the past 2 years, the flow of thoughts and observations have been building up again and require some formal outlet. While I will naturally be sharing some aspects of my life via Scribbles Under a Full Moon, I do not intend to bore my readers with the minutiae of my daily existence or stream-of-consciousness self-indulgent grumblings of life’s vicissitudes. Instead, I will be posting occasional essays on various themes that I wish at least will provoke thought, if not entertain. I cannot promise a laugh a minute. What I can promise is sincere personal contemplation on creativity and life.

Why ‘full moon’, you may ask, and not ‘crescent moon’, since I live in Singapore? The lunar reference does not pertain at all to Singapore. I’ve constantly felt a certain creative affinity with the full moon since my teens/early 20s, it always seemingly present to light my way home during late night outs. Because of this connection, I convinced Kamini Ramachandran (my storytelling partner) to call our informal storytelling group, MoonShadow Stories. I’ve also acquired a fair number of lunar tales in my storytelling repertoire and written a short play full of monologues, called The Lunar Interviews, that was staged in Aug 2008. So I invoke the Moon for this site in the hope that my online writing will be meaningful and bountiful as well as to set an atmosphere of peace and quiet meditation.

May the Universe bless this experimental project for 2010 and beyond…

PS: Please look out for the next essay, “On Mindfulness”, to be out soon…


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